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FTA Sport Channel TV on Satellite frequencies 2018

FTA Sport Channel TV on Satellite frequencies
FTA Sport Channel TV on Satellite frequencies FTA Sport Channel TV on Satellite frequencies

If you look for free FTA Sport Channel TV broadcast on Satellites for free.here are a list of Sport TV frequencies which can help you to find a free game to watch on television and follow for free al sports events and news.
where ever you are and whatever satellite you have installed on your receiver .those are a list of free sports channel frequencies by which you can enjoy free on line an live sports game on your television for free.
watch FTA live football matches on free Channels broadcast via satellite and get updated with latest news and feeds and live streamings as well as Sports TV Guide, Listings, Schedule, Programme, and highlights.

Sports all TV channels frequencies on Satellites

  TRT 3 SporEutelsat 7A 11534 V30000
  TRT SporEutelsat 7A 11554 H27500
  Real Madrid
TV EnglishEutelsat 9A 12054 H27500
  Super Tennis HDHot Bird 13B 11096 H29900
  Dubai Sports 3
  Abu Dhabi
Al Riyadiya 1Hot Bird 13B 11747 H27500
  Rai Sport 1
  Rai Sport 2Hot Bird 13B 11804 V27500
Saudi Sport 1
Saudi Sport 2Hot Bird 13B
Hot Bird 13B 12015 H
12245 H

  beIN Sports GlobalHot Bird 13B 12245 H27500
  Sport 1 DeutschlandAstra 1M
Astra 1H 11523 H
12480 V
DeutschlandAstra 1L 12226 H27500
  Line SportBadr-5 10730 H27500
  Goan TVBadr-5 10810 H27500
  Al Iraqiya SportsBadr-5 10850 H27500
Abu Dhabi
Al Riyadiya 1
Al Riyadiya 2Badr-6 11804 H27500
  Abu Dhabi
Sports 8 HDBadr-6 11823 V27500
Al Jazeera
Sport NewsBadr-6 11862 V27500
Al Riyadiya Satellite
(Saudi Sports)Badr-4 12015 V27500
  Dubai Sports
  Dubai Sports 2
  Dubai Sports 4
  Dubai Sports 5
  Dubai Sports 6
  Dubai Sports 7Badr-4 12130 V27500
  Saudi Sport 1
  Saudi Sport 2
  Saudi Sport 3
  Saudi Sport 4
  Saudi Sport 5
  Saudi Sport 6Badr-4 12149 H30000
  Alkass +Badr-4 12245 V27500
Al Dawri & Alkass HD
Sport Channel
Al Dawri & Alkass
HD+ Sport ChannelBadr-4 12245 V27500
  Saudi Sport 1 HD
  Saudi Sport 2 HD
  Saudi Sport 4 HD
  Saudi Sport 5 HD
  Saudi Sport 6 HDBadr-4 12522 V27500
  Kuwait TV 3
  Kuwait TV 3 SportBadr-4 12523 H27500
  Al Iraqiya SportsE36B 11652 V3110
  NTV SporTürksat 3A 11054 H30000
  TRT SporTürksat 3A 11096 H30000
  TRT 3 SporTürksat 2A 11919 V24444
  Sports TVTürksat 2A 11957 V27500
  Boytsovskiy KlubYamal 201 11092 V26470
  Motor TVE7WA 10758 V27500
Oman TV 2E7WA 10796 V27500
  Auto TV
  E7WA 10922 V27500
  Libya SportE7WA 10949 V27500
  Dubai Sports
  Dubai Sports 3Nilesat 201 11785 V27500
Kuwait TV 3
KTV SportsNilesat 201 11823 V27500
  Sharjah SportNilesat 201 11977 V27500
Abu Dhabi
Al Riyadiya 1
Nilesat 102 12054 V27500
  Abu Dhabi Sports 8 HDNilesat 201 12111 H27500
Al Riyadiya Satellite
(Saudi Sports)Nilesat 102 12149 H27500

Abu Dhabi
Al Riyadiya 1
Al Riyadiya 2Nilesat 102 12226 H27500
  Al Ahly Club TVE7WA 12341 H27500
  Al Iraqiya SportsE7WA 12380 H27500
  Sportitalia 2
  Sportitalia 24E12WA 12718 H36510
toutes les fréquences de chaines de sports sur satellites
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