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Price Specifications And Features Daihatsu Ayla

Price Specifications And Features Daihatsu Ayla

Price Specifications And Features Daihatsu Ayla. The latest hatchback from Daihatsu, Ayla, comes with 9 variants. The highest variant comes with a 1197 cc Petrol engine, capable of generating power up to 88 hp and peak torque of 108 Nm.

Ayla 1.2L R AT 5-pin capacity is also equipped with 4-Speed Auto transmission. Security system equipped with Car Puncture Car Alarm Device.
Spec Daihatsu Ayla

Thanks to Ayla, Daihatsu successfully defended its position in the Indonesian market and successfully carved out successes like Xenia. His full official name is Astra Daihatsu Ayla. Astra's affirmation is a liability because he is a model LCGC (Low Cost Green Car).

This model is a pioneer in its class. PT Astra Daihatsu Motor produces in Karawang and direbadge also for Toyota by the name of Agya or Wigo (export market). This car became one of Daihatsu turning point in Indonesia.

The manufacturer saw high consumer demand for an economical car as an outstanding opportunity in the Indonesian market and finally decided to introduce the compact car, Ayla.

Nearly 4 years since its first introduction, New Astra Daihatsu Ayla slid confidently will remain firmly on top of the LCGC standings with its sibling, Toyota Agya. Changes not only occur in the exterior design, but experienced additional choices of engine and shopping features.

The number of variants Ayla now increased to a total of 9 variants. No wonder, because now Daihatsu add variant Ayla engined 3NR-VE 4-cylinder 1.2-liter which also reside in the hood of Daihatsu Sigra. According to Daihatsu, these two types of machines have different target consumers. And all the changes that happen to Ayla come from their customers' wishes.

Type of variant Ayla still starts from type D, D +, M, X, and R. New automatic transmission available starting from type M, while 1.2-liter engine only exist in type X and R. Start type 1.2 X, newly available dual SRS airbag, seat belt with pretensioner, side impact beam, rear stabilizer, anti back up pedal, immobilizer and alarm.

On the side of the cabin, the space can be called roomy. In fact, people who are big and tall, will not feel cramped when driving this car. Because the door and seat upholstery is configured thin so that the interior does not seem solid and narrow. Bringing five passengers around urban is not difficult for Daihatsu Ayla.

The wheel ayla

Multimedia ayla

Airbag ayla

Display dashboard also looks attractive with a combination of black-silver color and impressed contemporary. The highest variant of this car is supported audio steering switch, 2-din touchscreen monitor, luggage tray, and door trim ornament. AC is present in every model, except on the lowest variant, type D.

1KR-DE 3-cylinder 1.0-liter engine is now equipped with VVT-i technology that spout power 65 PS and torque of 88 Nm. While the 1.2-liter engine produces power 88 PS and 108 Nm. On paper, 1.2-liter engine will have a much better performance, with fuel consumption is not less efficient, and certainly more minimal vibration.

Decorating Ayla

Prices are rising up compared to previous model Ayla. Starting from the cheapest is Ayla 1.0 D MT worth Rp 92.55 million, up to the most expensive variant, Ayla 1.2 R Deluxe AT with a tag of Rp 146.25 million. Honestly, this change makes Ayla or his brother, Toyota Agya like getting a generation change. Therefore, this one LCGC is still worth considering.

This car is a lot of identity with Toyota Agya. Looking ahead, is the most changing part of New Ayla. The first thing that will attract attention is the new bumper. With a large grille decorated two areas of chrome that only exist in type R. The first blade visible together with the LED position lamp. While the second large-sized bar forms a bumper stroke pattern.

The main light from type X has adopted projector head lamp. Meanwhile, fog lights look sporty without any chrome deco

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