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How To Technology can Benefit 2018

How To Technology can Benefit

How technology can benefit people The first international conference on information technology was organized by the IT faculty of Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission of a local hotel.

Dr. Sabir Michael, researcher and professor in the social work department of the University of Karachi, spoke about the role of computer technology to benefit people who could not see like him, as well as other special people.

The organizers said it was the first time at a conference in the country that a session was dedicated to special people who benefited from the evolution of information technology.

The conference was declared open by Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, vice chancellor of the SMIU, as dozens of international and Pakistani academics were there.

He said it was information technology in constant evolution that made special people use their skills normally like other people. A few years ago, I found it very difficult when I returned home from abroad and could not communicate with my family to pick me up. the airport. Now I am efficient enough to use this technology in the most normal way I can, he added.

He said that researchers, universities and companies should make compatible devices with indigenous languages ​​such as Urdu, Sindhi and Pashto, etc. He said that the same thing had already been done in India, where devices and gadgets compatible with Hindi and other languages ​​were there to help people.

There are many blind people who are in software engineering and need support and encouragement. The computer technology he said helped to decrease dependence on special people and support them.

He said that new technologies were panaceas for disabilities. The bionic hands were there to help people like him and he would soon use that technology. He thanked the people who were developing technology to meet the needs of the disabled and allow them to grow and lead a normal life.

Dr. Valentina Emilia Balas, from the University of Arad in Romania, said it was a very important meeting that would use an immense advantage in the fields of science and technology and would benefit society in general. In his work, he explained the low energy consumption and high reliability in the case of the brain compared to silicon-based computers.

He said that information technology was a great revolution in which without owning any piece of land or owning any industry, people could earn a living through a computer device and knowledge of information technology.

Professor Florin Popentiu Vladicescu UNESCO Chair in Information and Communication Engineering University of Oradea Romania spoke about the new complexity generated by the size of the field data collection, as well as the systems integration in the Systems System to ensure the compliance with the objectives with respect to risk management requirements.

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