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Zong SMS Packages Latest Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Zong SMS Packages Latest Daily, Weekly, Monthly Updates

Zong SMS Packages Latest Daily, Weekly, Monthly Updates.  Zong is the largest network provider company in a Pakistan. The backup of Zong is related to a China Mobile Company. And The China has a vast approach to Telecom market to explore their network. In a very very short limit of time, Zong becomes most used and popular network communication platform within the country. Therefore the slogan of the company belongs to its popularity that is, “Say it all with Zong“.

Zong China Mobile Company provides us the high-quality network statistics and high definition network coverage. Even they provide the coverage in urban areas as well. There are no electricity or insufficient network coverage problem occurs with it due because of Solarize system. Zong is The first and largest satellite Telecommunication network. Recently Zong updates her network and designs a new Logo (Zong 4G a new dream) in Green color.

Zong SMS Packages Daily weekly monthlyBundle

Zong provides a less rate and efficient SMS packages & bundles of offers. Nowadays Zong stabilized a strong condition in the community that provides most reliable and economical SMS series. Zong gives you an opportunity of an efficient SMS daily bundle offer that you used to stay connected always with your friends and family member. You can activate any SMS Bundle easily to dial a code that is standardized for the specific package. A very informative service is to get complete code details about SMS Bundles by just sending a message to “700”.

Zong SMS Packages Categories

Zong Daily SMS Bundle
Zong Daily SMS + Wattsapp Bundle
Zong Weekly SMS Bundle
Zong Monthly SMS Bundle + Unlimited Wattsapp
You can Activate any of these SMS Bundle easily on Zong Network by dialing code. The charges against these packages may be same for some packages either can be different.

Zong Daily SMS + Whatsapp Bundle Activation code Code

To active daily SMS + Wattsapp Bundle you get 500 SMS and 30 Mb Wattsapp
This offers is valid for 24 Hours.
Also get a 1Mb Mobile data
Pkg Name

Validity SMS & MMs Activation WhatsApp Price
Daily SMS plus WhatsApp Bundle 1 day 500 SMS/day 100 +MMS Dial *700# 30 MB Rs.3.99
Zong Daily SMS Bundle Activation Codes

To active daily SMS bundle, you get a 500 SMS on Only 2.50 rupees
This offers valid for only one day, (24 Hours) (e.g. 12 am to 12 pm).
Also, Zong provides a 1Mb internet within this offer
Pkg Name

Validity SMS & MMs Activation code WhatsApp Price
Zulu SMS Bundle
12Am to 12 PM

500 SMS/day Dial *702# NA Rs. 2.50
Zong Weekly SMS Bundle Activation Code

To active this Offer, you get 1200 SMS and 200 free Wattsapp MB’s
This offers is valid for 7 days. (1 Week).
Pkg Name

Validity SMS & MMs Activation code WhatsApp Price
Weekly SMS Bundle 7 days 1,200 SMS Dial*704# NA Rs.14,00
This is the offer that is mostly used by the students and youngsters. Most positive reviews noticed on this package due to its similarity with the requirements of the peoples and also due because of charges against it. The other basic need is Whatsapp nowadays and Zong also offers you 200+ MBs for this most used social media platform.if you are interested in learning about the Latest zong internet packages

Zong Monthly SMS + Wattsapp Bundle Activation Code

To active Monthly SMS + Wattsapp offer, you get a 15000+ SMS and Unlimited Wattsapp Mb’s.
This offer is valid for 30 days (1 Month).
Pkg Name

Validity SMS & MMs Activation code WhatsApp Price
Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle 30 days 500 SMS/day for 30 days Dial *705# 30 MB/day for 30 days Rs.50
Mostly students and other professional people activate this package, because of their social activity with their peoples, friends, and lovings using text messages. One unbelievable thing again by the Zong in this offer, it gives you 500 SMS in a Day. Sometimes people cross this limit and send a 500 Plus SMS before completing 24 hours. So, at this time user have to wait for completing 24 hours

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