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Telenor Call Packages Daily, 3 Day, Weekly And Monthly

Latest Telenor Call Packages Daily, 3 Day, Weekly And Monthly

Telenor Call Packages:  Telenor is the formulated company of Pakistan with an awesome background in a strong position. It is owned by the group of Norwegian. It’s a mobile cellular company that formed to provide the voice, data, content and mobile communication services to the people. It’s become a most popular company in Pakistan’s world due to huge wide area network coverage.

It’s not only about the Pakistan. Its spread the whole network by working among 11 to 13 countries. It also providing their services for many years with high rated feedback. The reason behind the popularity I discussed above as well about the network coverage and the second one is the biggest reason that is the Telenor call packages.

Telenor Call Packages Hourly and Daily

If we make a slot of an eye on the packages.  We will see a lot of popular searched packages that people like to use.  It’s all because due to the compatibility of the user requirements. Here, we discuss all cool packages of the Telenor network.

The concerns of the calls, not just approaches to the Telenor to Telenor call. It provides you free call services to the PTCL number. And the amazing offer is that it also provides the other network call minutes that also known as the off-net minutes.As we know people do

Day Talkshawk Full Day Offer

Talk shawk brings you the flexibility to use your phone all day with the Full Day Offer now in Rs. 13 incl tax only

Offer NameValidity Minutes & Mbsactivation codePrice
Talkshawk Full Day Offer24 hoursUnlimited Telenor Calls & 60MBDial:*5*250#Rs. 13.00
Daily Talkshawk Good Time Offer

Get 2 hours of talk time to any Telenor number & 200 MB for facebook for 2 hours.

Offer NameValidityMinutes & Mbsactivation codePrice
Good Time Offer2 hours except 6pm to 9pmUnlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours 200 MB FacebookDial:*345*20#Rs.5.50
Daily Telenor din bhar offer

Enjoy 20.MB data internet and unlimited telenor calls to keep in touch with your loved ones from 12 AM to 7 PM without any worries about expensive rates.!

Offer NameValidityMinutes & MbsActivation code Price
Din Bhar Offer
Daily from 6AM-6PMUnlimited on-net 20MB 12AM to 7PMDial:*5*727#Rs.10.00
Daily Talkshawk super load offer

Get 20 free minutes for all networks upon recharge of Rs.100 or more. Just dial *5*100# before recharge of Rs100 or more.

Offer NameValidity Minutes & MbsActivation code Price
Superload Offerone Day20 Free minutes all networks Dial:*5*100#Rs.0.50
Daily Telenor 24 hours poora pakistan offer

Here are Telenor 24 hours poora Pakistan offer

Offer NameValidity Minutes & MbsActivation code Price
24 hr Poora Pakistan Offer1 Day75 MinutesDial:*345*24#Rs.16.80
Telenor 3 Day Call Packages for TalkShawk

The Telenor 3-Day Call Packages with details

Offer NameValidityMinutes & Mbs Activation codePrice
3 Day Din Bhar Offer3 Days from 6AM-6PMUnlimited telenor callsDial:*345*626#Rs.24.50
3 day super hit offer3 Days (except 7PM to 10PM)Unlimited telenor minutesDial:*345*299#Rs.34.00
3 din sahulat offer Daily from 7AM to 7PM25 on other networks Minutes, 250 telenor Minutes, 250 SMS and 50MB Internet, also 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & FacebookDial:*5*3#Rs.40.00
3 Day Onnet Offer3 Days250 Telenor Minutes 500 SMS:  15 MB 3GDial:*730#Rs.25.00
The packages for two to three concerns. One is that to save the money when they have to make a long call up to 5-10 minutes. It has been justified that peoples use these references to stay connected with their peoples. Somehow the questions are occurring why people use the daily, weekly, monthly call packages. The answer is people want to stay connected with their livings and relatives. They make two to three calls in a day to stay connected.

Telenor Call Packages Weekly and Monthly

Here, the problem and the comparison of the companies occurs due to the other networks latest packages 2017. Some of the networks

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