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Pakistan is incomplete without Balochistan, army

Warns people badmouthing Pakistan, its army
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Pakistan is incomplete without Balochistan, army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said Thursday as he met 173 students and faculty members from educational institutions of the province at the Inter Services Public Relations Directorate.
“Pakistan cannot progress without peace, stability and progress in Balochistan,” the ISPR quoted Gen Qamar as saying.
The COAS termed youth as Pakistan’s most precious asset, and urged them to contribute in national integration and progress by performing their positive role.
He called upon them to never get misguided by anti-state propaganda, which is being engineered by certain anti-state elements from abroad with the support of hostile foreign agencies.
Gen Qamar advised the youth to focus on their education, work hard and dispel negativity. Balochistan, he highlighted, is blessed with the most talented and vibrant youths, and the future of Pakistan belongs to them.
Gen Qamar warns people badmouthing Pakistan, its army
Reaffirming education as the national priority, he said: “We will do our best to provide wholehearted support towards attainment of this national objective.”
He added that establishment of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) campus in Quetta is a step towards this end. Gen Qamar assured the students that army is committed to providing them a safe, secure and stable Pakistan. “Army is capable to meet all internal and external challenges and no one can dare to cast an evil eye on Pakistan,” he maintained.
With unflinching support of the entire nation, he continued, army has achieved great successes to rid the country of violence and terrorism. Development projects that the army has initiated with the support of the government for development in the province include laying communication infrastructure, schools and cadet colleges.

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