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Top Tailors In Lahore That You Should Know (gents and ladies)


Top Tailors In Lahore That You Should Know (gents and ladies)

Whether it is wedding season or a time to make seasonal clothes, people are always in search of top tailors that would turn their ideas in to reality. Not only ladies but gents also prefer to get their clothes stitched by highly professional tailors so that they could fit them best according to their body structure. Ready-made clothes no doubt have made our lives much easy but they come with many flaws regarding fitting. Hence we would like to suggest you top 5 tailors in Lahore that will surely satisfy you with their quality tailoring.
Shafiq Sons Tailors
Shafiq Sons is the right place where one can expect best quality and customer service without paying extra charges. They specialize in Stitching of men’s clothes for diverse occasions. We suggest men to visit Shafiq sons to get their clothes stitches as they never compromise on quality on time delivery. Address: 2 Lawrence road, Lahore Contact Number: +92 42 36301400
Bismillah Shimla Tailors
Bismillah Shimla Tailors are considered as best ladies tailors in Lahore. They specialize in stitching all type of ladies wears. We suggest you to experience their stitching and enjoy best ever fitted clothes. Address: 40-Civic Centre, Shop 9, Near NBP, Barkat Market, New Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Contact Number: +923454114111, +923234844769
Dandy Designs
Dandy designs has been in tailoring business since 1979 and are considered as top tailors of Lahore. They mostly specialize in men’s clothing and we suggest all Lahori men to get their special event clothes stitched by Dandy designs. Address: 83, the Mall Road Lahore. Contact Number: +92 311 1132639
Tariq Tailors
Tariq tailors are well-known for their neat stitching style and rank among top tailors in Lahore. They are best for casual wear stitching for both men and women. Address: Near Chowk, Nawa Narian Court, Kaliar Road,Lahore Contact Number: 042-7416175
Diamond Tailors
Diamond tailors like their name give best stitching services for both men and women so if you are planning to get your seasonal clothes stitched, we suggest you to visit diamond tailors Address: S/No. 68, LG Floor, Defence Shopping Mall, Main Boulevard. Lahore, Punjab Contact Number: 042-6611968
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